Saturday, March 25, 2006

the voice of God

I got in the car tonight at a quarter to seven, and there I hear the voice of God, or at least a voice as familiar, gentle and down to earth as God's voice would be. Garrison Keillor was preparing to end Prairie Home Companion and I knew if I ever casted the voice of God in a movie or audio show that it would be Garrison Keillor.

Imagine if you will, Garrison Keillor speaking with Moses:

Keillor: Moses, Moses
Moses: Here I am
Keillor: Take you shoes off Moses, you stand on holy ground.
Moses: Holy Ground God?
Keillor: Yes Moses, Holy Ground, I just swept
Moses: Sure God, Shall I remove my feed hat too?
Keillor: If it makes you more comfortable Moses. I have heard the crys of my people Moses. In fact some of them are quite loud. They claim they have been hit a few times and are oppressed.
Moses: Ok God, what do you want me to do about it?
Keillor: I want you to go down and invite them all to come with you to a land flowing with milk, honey and powder milk biscuits.
Moses: You want me to bring them to Lake Wobegon God?
Keillor: Hey, If they are my people they should draw nigh unto me.
Moses: Ok God
Keillor: Moses, I will send you unto Pharaoh.
Moses: Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh?
Keillor: I shall be with you Moses. Just turn on your radio.

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