Sunday, March 12, 2006

The world is backwards

My cousin in Southern California reported 2 feet of snow at her house this weekend. We here in Minnesota report 60 degree high yesterday.

I feel sorry for the weathermen. Everything they learned in school about usual and normals and averages no longer seem to apply. However, there is more weather watching with weird things happening, so if they were any good at actually predicting the weather they will be needed.

Meanwhile, personally I have bridged a new gap and took empathy to a much higher level then I ever imagined possible. I have always had dreams to see snippets of my future. Now my dreams see snippets of other people's future (through their eyes and body). I have just noticed this happening this year. It is incredible when then you are there (the thing I dreamed is happening) and you know how they feel, what is going on and what you can do about it.


Paul said...

Tell us more about your prophetic dreams.

Dragonfly Shaman said...

you may not need to do anything about it, but simply be an observer. And it may all be about you, rather than the person you're seeing the vision for. I found that as I tapped into other's energy, I saw much for myself. And them. And sometimes what I saw didn't need to be spoken of. It all depends on what your intuition tells you, and to listen to your intuition, rather than ego. Ego demands recognition and praise.

Energy is fascinating and I think it's our children that help us to grow stronger in being open to it. At least my children do for me.