Friday, March 03, 2006


a mass grave has been found that seems to prove the theory of genocide. It seems that small appliances have been killed off by the thousands or was it some kind of viral epidemic that wiped them out?

in the last week we have been forced to replace 2 of our small appliances and have a replacement waiting in the wings for the third. The good news is we successfully installed a programmable thermostat and I quite like it. The bad news is I have never seen a blender last for more then 6 months. It looks like investing in a commercial grade blender might be the way to go. Can I get one with a 20 year warranty?

And then it seems as someone has been brutishly murdering our video cassettes this week. This masked killer seems to be the infamous "not me". However if he strikes again all people shall feel the wrath of mom.

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Dragonfly Shaman said...

the word genocide bothers me, but I like appliance-cide. It is kinder and better suited.