Thursday, March 09, 2006


Remember some of those macabre stories about a parent systematically murdering his or her children? And how they repulsed and fascinated you at the same time?

I think I can begin to empathize with them. They fascinate us because they were pushed to cross an invisible line we try our hardest to stay far away from. They fascinate us because we know if it wasn't for the little bit of wisdom or self control that we could have joined them in fame and horror.

Boy am I glad I am not them, boy am I glad for that restraining hand of wisdom, self control and eternal fear of damnation.

ok, now you are all wondering "what did they do?"

they punched a bunch of holes in the dry wall of 2 rooms. Then they poured liquid wax all over 2 beds.

See, now aren't you glad they aren't in throttling distance?

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