Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Miracle

I believe in Miracles. My God is a God of Miracles. And I have just witnessed a miracle take place.

My laundry room is out of dirty clothes! Absolutly incredable. It's not quite biblical proportions (but my laundry pile was) but it hasn't happened in several years. In fact I might even be able to take the sheets of my bed and dirrectly into the washer with out bypassing any waiting items.

If you doubt this is a miracle you haven't hung around my house. It's makes me excited for when the dishwasher is hooked up. Do you think that can produce miracles as well?

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Matt said...

Technology has come a long way.. I believe it can be because of a miracle, the idea ( ceoncept ) and the desire to help someone do something more efficient is definatly in the Miracle Realm. :)