Wednesday, December 14, 2005

tossing your cookies

we learned we that phrase came from. Galen ate all the fudge yesterday morning (I had put it in the freezer so they wouldn't be eaten, but Galen often doesn't notice rules (voiced or unvoiced). Then we made about 80 dozen cookies yesterday. The cut out cookies that you actually need butter and sugar in. And We also made gingerbread men. So that by evening time Galen was so sugared up that he started tossing his cookies. All over my compter chair, on the floor and everywhere.

As parents we felt it was our job to help him figure out that he was sick because he ate all the fudge and then engorged himself on cookies while skipping dinner.

Today we were very happy to see him eating some real food instead of just cookies- but the fudge was all ready all gone. And today we frosted cookies with my cake decorating kit and Galen actually achieved some level of real decorating. Ewan was just concerned over seeing how much frosting he could put on every single cookie and Ian just wanted to eat them.

Galen also managed a good amount of control over the decorating bags and tips.

Well It is past my bedtime - again.

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