Friday, December 23, 2005

A memory given for Christmas

My father is an electronics wizard, and he made a business out of designing electronics for people and businesses.

One Sunday after Church my Dad received a call from a special Ed Teacher. She had a robotic toy dog that she wanted modified to help one of her special students. Dad invited her right over.

She showed us the dog and told us what she wanted done with it. She offered to pay him, and my Dad took it right down stairs and began to work on it. I felt slightly miffed at him. “Dad, its Sunday.” I said emphasizing Sunday in hope to help him remember not to work on the Lord’s Day.

But Dad modified the dog right there, and got it to do exactly what the teacher was hoping. She was delighted and asked how much it would be. Then Dad just smiled and told her he wouldn’t charge her for it.

My view of his behavior on this Sabbath took a 180 degree turn. He showed me through is example that to honor the Sabbath we must be willing to do as Christ would do on that day.

Merry Christmas Dad- thanks for teaching me through example what is right.

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Paul said...

It really is a memory given... Because I don't remember it.

My dad once told me that, many times my siblings and I would remember a turning point in our lives involving him, and relate it to him, and he was amazed and amused that most of them he didn't remember.
Now I understand better.
The turning points for us, as kids, were important precisely because they were business as usual for him.
That is why it was a lesson.