Friday, December 23, 2005

You know it is Chrsitmas time when...

when the children are hyper and you feel wiped out

Today we finally set up our tree. I have been promising the kids that we'd do it "tomarrow" all week. And we lost an ornament already, but I made it abundently clear that if any more orniments come bouncing down the stairway (and crashing on the floor, sending chards of glass/ceramnic everywhere) that I would take all the decorations down immedetly and would not take them out again until next Christmas.

So far we have not lost any more.

I was working on a beautiful 6 month collage of Clayton, (so absorbed in it that the thought of stopping to save didn't occure to me) when the dish washer instahlation people turned off the power to the kitchen. (where my compuer's cord is plugged in). I couldn't reclaim the file, and haven't the presence of mind to try to redo it today.

In case you haven't noticed I have just enough sinus issues to make me slow of thought and slightly in pain. I could take something for it, but I usually wait until the pain demands it.

Well, I figured out what I am going to give my Dad this Christmas, Maby I can even get around to it sometime soon :)

Have a good one

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