Wednesday, December 14, 2005

manifeting a blog discussion

: thinking is not enough doing is what counts
Paul Hunt: sounds like the latest entry on the hug blog
me: however you must be careful with what you think-you do it and you become what you do
Paul Hunt: thom mentiond something like that
me: maby our blog ring is too small if we are all thinking the same things on the same days
Paul Hunt: and he concluded that all we have to do is think the world is a better place
Paul Hunt: i commented OK the world is better
me: cool- think the world a better place- as long as you get off your buts and act on it
Paul Hunt: The next day, Kate had her test
Paul Hunt: manifesting is getting faster
me: time does fly- maby our communication lines with the universe is getting clearer
Paul Hunt: that is a goal
me: you know I did think about getting new clothes washer and dryer the day Mom bought them for me
Paul Hunt: manifesting momma
me: I was very much suprised at how fast that fleeting wish came true
Paul Hunt: if your manifesting is getting faster, and mine are too
me: what are you manifesting?
Paul Hunt: then maybe the myans are right
me: ok what about the myans?
Paul Hunt: manifesting will get faster and faster until, on dec 21, 2012 it will be instant
me: is that why the world will end?
Paul Hunt: yup
me: let's hope we manifest somthing good
Paul Hunt: I REALLY am seeing it faster
me: I think we need to start PR camaign on that now
Paul Hunt: so I really do want to be positive
Paul Hunt: we should bounce this around our blogs
me: I think you're right
me: so often they come as fast as I can think them
Paul Hunt: manifestations?
me: yes, is thought becomming that dangerous and why?
me: maby powerful is a better word then dangerous
Paul Hunt: Just for a moment, assume it is
me: then it is
Paul Hunt: POWER!!!!!

me: I am thinking of the power of creating, destoying and building of bcomming and dreaming
Paul Hunt: is that a quote?
me: no- but you can quote me
Paul Hunt: 2006 was on someone's calandar for a major change
me: probably a time when some of us will recongnise some of this power
me: How will we change the world? With what thought?
Paul Hunt: certainly positive ones
me: yes, because the positive people are the ones who first see this
Paul Hunt: we have HOPE
me: then we will manifest everyone else to be posative
Paul Hunt: I can live with that, 1000 years of bliss
me: maby I should manifest time & energy for these cookies
Paul Hunt: we can do that by saying goodbye
me: too late- i'm n ot going to start them at 11
me: but Clay is manifesting diaper change, think he'll get it?
Paul Hunt: he is your offspring, he has the power
me: well that does help explain Galen
Paul Hunt: in what way?
me: It explains his abilities to do things like get out of locked rooms and into locked rooms and get things down from high places and all the other mysteries he has presented us with
Paul Hunt: born with it
me: yeah- and never learned not to use his powers as a normal child does
Paul Hunt: no one is perfect
me: is that the autism difference?
me: why does cuddiling a baby feel so good?
Paul Hunt: yeah, malfunction in the power inhibitor
Paul Hunt: baby manifesting touch
me: no wonder he doesn't like going to school
Paul Hunt: it must be inherited
me: well baby certainly likes touch
me: I think babies can communicate tellipathically. I have had several that I was sure could. Where I jsut know what they need, before they have to cry. Like often I would go check on a baby just as he was waking up- and then there would be no need to make noise to get my attention
Paul Hunt: We all have the wiring to do that, some of us overload it with other signals
me: yes, surround ourself with noise. That is one reason why tv or radio on for background noise drives me crazy There are more important things to pay attention to
Paul Hunt: Whatever you attend to, you become.(Warrior of Spirit Handbook) OK.... I gotta sleep now
me: goodnight

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George Breed said...

I sit here feeling even more like part of the family. What wonderful thoughts and conversation. Blessings all around!