Thursday, December 01, 2005

Over the river and through the woods. . . to the libary we go.

Books on electronics, Asops fables, pulleys, physics, Christmas turtles, adn the videos that I've been missing this year (liek a Charley Brown Chrsitmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas) I wanted to share them with my kiddlets. And it worled very well to fill the space between droping Mike off and Dropping Galen off.

Galen deffinetly likes learning more when nobody is sitting him in a desk to learn it. He aced his math tests, adn is reading easily since I've taken him out of all day school. And no major suprize that he doesn't want to go back for the afternoon schooling.

And intersetingly. His teacher is saying that he won't make eye contact with them anymore. And he is hiding under the desk at school. But at home he is talking to us in sentences, making eye contact, going to sleep eaiser, getting dressed by himself (this morning he even did it with out being asked) and is doing his chores with out much fuss.

Could it be that he only gives positive attention to the adults that spend hours and hours a day with him, adn the rest don't count? (enless they are Grandparents).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's extremely shy and introverted. Not a good thing.

Soleil said...

Not only are you the adults that he loves and trusts, you are totally in tune with his needs and feelings. There are plenty of adults out there, even ones with education degrees, who do not know how to interact with autistic students. It sounds like he is really blossoming from the home schooling and as long as he continues to have the experiences of interaction through various venues, he's getting everything he needs.