Saturday, December 03, 2005

wild ride

We went 20 miles out on snowy country roads to pick up 1/8 of a cow. Which translates in to about 17 lbs of ground beef, 3 roasts, short ribs, & 8 packages of steak.

The ride out was snowy. In fact there was a car passing us on the county road that we later saw in the ditch. Personally, I think anybody trying to go 60 on a snowy (unsalted) road deserves going into the ditch. And then on the way back traffic was slowed to a standstill on 694 as snow accumulated on the free way. I suspect there was an accident.

but as always a Potter book on tape makes rides interesting to listen to. And so we are all home safe while more snow gathers on roads that often remain so snowless because of the traffic.

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