Tuesday, December 06, 2005

learning is hard work

Today I learned all about how airplanes fly, adn the princiapls of it as seem by Newtonist, Berenelli's and Mathamatics, Then I learned how to get the Childern to practice thier writting, how to let the childern play with out me while I clean the basement. (yes mom, it 's all for you).
And we did fractions and reading and talked about naming a Cat Santa. What cat? That didn't matter it was a cute story we made up. And we discussed all the finer points about what sounds the letter A could represent. We discussed the failer of the people destined to hold high political offices and planned when to do cookies, fudge and rice crispie staw bale houses.

Of course we also did, Tao Qwondo, Grocery shopping and several meals. Ask the kids what they learned today and Galen told me "That the spiders can't hold thier breath under the water." Ewan, of course wants to make an elecomagnetic crane, but I do not have the supplies on hand. So if someone wishe to donate a wire and batteries then he will be a happy child.


Paul said...

You are going to get educated in more technical stuff than you ever dreamed possible.

George Breed said...

Isn't it the truth! If you want to learn something, teach it! Blessings on all you Minnesnowdans!

Dragonfly Shaman said...

I only encourage my children to send Reiki to politicans rather than scorn. But I hope you didn't add any straw to your rice crispies. (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Ian.