Saturday, March 10, 2007


My kids are here. We had a fun time asking some of the small hotels around here if they had room for a family of 4 small boys. You should have seen the expressions on their faces when I asked.

So we are staying at a chain hotel. There is less personal responsibility for clean up by the front desk staff, and they have the room we need.

I still haven't had a chance to shower yet. I am hoping that the crib gets here so I can put Clay down before showering.

The other boys are still very full of energy.

Ian is enjoying being with his brothers. He is still on a clear liquid diet until Sunday night when it changes to eating nothing.

Monday morning he will go in for an xray, and if the coins are still there they will take another little look up his butt with the flexible signophy thingy. Basically one way or another the coins will come out on Monday.

And Tuesday morning is his MRI.

of course if you all don't let me know you are reading these updates, I may feel as if they are serving no purpose and end them.


Anonymous said...

It is a very important medium for all of us to know..otherwise you will get lots of phone calls... and it is info for a journal as well...

Anonymous said...

Now that I won't have your folks as a reference point for Ian's condition updates, your website is the best place for updates. Suggestion- if you update your website at least once or twice a day, it will save you the hassel of being on the phone more than you'd like. Especially with a concerned gramma or two waiting for imput. :)