Monday, March 12, 2007

How much is a butt load of money?

$.80 and 2 apricot pits.

That's right. Today they pulled out 3 quarters and 2 apricot pits, for a grand total of $.80. The most recent date on the quarters was 2002. So anytime after he was born.

We are back at the hotel and the MRI is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Ian is allowed to eat now. So he just downed 2 yogurts and is now working on a chocolate muffin.

The doc came back to us after they pulled out the quarters and said they were done when she handed them to me, so we waited and waited to go back to see him as he woke up, another hour later she came back and said that she saw some other hard oppaquish things on the xray and then brought him back in the OR to remove those. They looked like apricot pits, but she sent them to pathology to be sure. And then Dad got to go in to be with Ian while he was waking and Clay tried many time to go find his brother, but was always intercepted before he reached the OR or recovery rooms, but he obviously knew the way. Clay fell asleep just minutes before we were allowed back there with Ian.

So now we can rest until tomorrow's procedure.

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