Friday, March 09, 2007

well, we can't sat there isn't progress. Ian managed a very watery movement today in the playroom. They don't want him back in there until he is done with the Golightly, this is of course much to Ian's dismay.

He didn't want to crawl back into bed to go to sleep. He wanted to be cuddled by me. And he fell asleep on my bedish thing.

now most of his movements consist of water mixed with old chips from the interior buildup in his colon.

Mom is having us move hotels tomorrow- to a place across the street from here- then I might be able to get a shower and nap.

I am hoping if we don't go home tomorrow that my family will come here. My other rug rats are growing up with out there laughing.

Well I better sleep while the sleeping is possible. This hospital wakes up at 7 am. And of course at least once every hour.

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