Friday, March 09, 2007

noon update

well it is noon. Time for another update. Nothing exciting today. More poop, some very watery poop. That means he is getting closer to being thoroughly cleaned out.

At about 7am he had some more xrays this morning. So far I have not met any of the doctors that I know are working with him on this to ask about them. (I think we met a bunch of interns or something). He is filling and overflowing diapers while playing with trains on the floor; mostly happy.

Mom is still missing, and hasn't come around this morning yet. She is having fun with some purchases now that her appointments are all done.

We are hoping that we can see our own beds this weekend, but no promises yet. At the moment it looks like we could be back here next week for an MRI- My minds goes into a blank protective state when I think about that (don't want to think about schedules in relation to this)- so have a good afternoon. I am ready for lunch.

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