Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ian was not a happy camper

but you wouldn't be either if woke up to air in your belly, 1 coin removed from your anus (the other 3 or 4 are still in there), a tube up your nose, arm restraints on and an IV in your hand.

He also hasn't eaten or drank a bite since 9pm last night.

The procedure was only partially successful, as only 1 coin was removed. He has a shelf of skin inside his anus that made it hard for the signoid thingy to maneuver.

So he was placed with nose hose so they could force lots of goldsomething fluids down him tonight and try to get him to poop everything out.

Once moved to his room (number 3-101 ST. Mary's in Rochester) he was having a fit and then pulled his nose hose out and promptly fell asleep. He is asleep now but in just a few minutes they will move him to a "procedure room" to put it in again and fill him with liquid.

I will keep you updated on what comes down.

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