Wednesday, March 07, 2007

if anybody still reads this blog, I thought you would like an update

Ian is going into the hospital tomorrow. St. Mary's at the Mayo Clinic there he will have a flexible sigmoidoscopy. That means they will put him to sleep, stick something up his rear end and pull out about 4 coins/magnets or whatever it is that is in there, along with a bunch of compacted poop.

Then they are going to flush him out. and keep him all night while flushing him out.

While he is under they will bring in a neurologist who will poke and prowd a little to see what kind of neuroresponse he has in that region. Why are we wondering about neuroresponse? Because from the xrays it looks like he has sacral agenesis- or the last few of his tail bones are missing, and that could mean spinal cord could have a few issues down there too.

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