Friday, March 23, 2007

Remarkable kids

My kids are a rather remarkable group. People just keep remarking on them. Galen has been the case study of several autism studies and I am sure Ian is making his way into medical journals as we speak. Ewan gets remarks about his compassionate character and Clay- well he is just so cute...

But most of the remarks happen when we are all out together and they go something like this.
"Beautiful children, 4 of them?"
"Yep," we say."
"All boys?" they ask as they examine the faces closely.
"Yep." we say.
"You must have your hands full."
"Yep." we laugh.

Of course, the alternative ending happens quite often too.

"Going to try for some girls?"
"Thinking about it," Mike and I laugh, exchanges meaningful glances.

These conversations probably happen about 10 times per day when we are out as a family. I never would have thought that we would draw so much attention doing everyday thing.

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