Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Sundays are for

Clay is working fairly quietly on making our hotel room into a disaster zone.
Galen and Ewan went home to with Mom and Dad. They are going over to Ethan's house for dinner. Galen and Ewan really missed us, and will miss us more before this is all over. Galen had to have a hug from me every 5 minutes last night, and Then he and Ewan ganged up on Ian for a "huggie".

Mike and Ian are napping and I am just taking it easy- we must be in the eye of the storm. In the eye of the storm there are no winds and the sun can shine- but it only lasts so long.

I gave Ian his meds today and so far they have produced enough poo/water to soak through 2 pairs of pants- good thing the laundry here is free. Meanwhile Ian's last diaper reminded me a little of bitty baby diapers- kinda looks like somebody sneezed in it.

After Mike's nap we will go on a walk and maybe find something for dinner.

Ian grabbed 2 cheddar bunnies about an hour ago. I made him spit it out of his mouth and tried to explain to him that he can only eat a clear liquid diet. He cried on the floor for a minute before finishing his chicken broth. He says he's hungry, and I understand.

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for blogging about this. I'd checked thru the week and everytime there was no new messages. Missy called today to ask me what this was all about and so I started working with my computer to see if I could get it to bring up a new post and finally I got a whole slew of them. Im sorry your going thru so much, Ill keep checking back to see how things are going. Your in my thoughts and prayers.