Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Clayton's Diganosis

Clayton had his check up today. He weighs 12 pounds, 5 ounzes, and is now 23" long. (Galen is 52", Ewan is 43", and Ian is 38")

The doctor started examining him and said "what a beautiful baby". He later diagnoist him as a "very happy baby."

Galen and Ewan are at day camp, Ian is napping and my brain is going fuzzy so I am going to take a nap too. (I've so many of them lately, maby that way I can get some work done tonight)


Soleil said...

I will admit to being that breed of horrible human who can sometimes look at a newborn/very young baby and think "(S)he's not so cute." But not with Clayton. He's absolutely adorable. And he just keeps getting cuter!

Amy said...

yeah, he is cute. I'd say happy too, but I' haven't had the pleasure of personally meeting him yet. Maybe next week:D