Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cooing baby

Sleep did not happen last night until sometime after midnight. It is just hard to sleep when your children aren't yet.

So this morning I didn't get up at 6 and do yoga and a bunch of other wonderful stuff. I slept until 9:20, and nursing my baby from 4:50 to 9:20 on and off all morning. He is one happy baby. He just loves lots of snuggle time with Mommy.

And then at one point last night I woke up to discover that there were 5 of us in bed. The bed can handle 4 (that is Ian and Clayton) with out my noticeing, but when Galen or Ewan crawls in I notice and I wake up Mike to move them.

Well, That is all I know. Have greats loads of fuN!


Anonymous said...

Did you have Clayton blessed?

Round Belly said...

The bishop didn't get the note so we are going for Septemeber. (he spent 2 weeks on vacation in July and felt so barely realized we had our babya t all).