Sunday, August 28, 2005

weekend update

another update that covers everything I haven't written about all week.

me: I think I almost have the basic sales estimates and budget done- now I need to line item things in the budget and try to tlive with it. :) Other than that I did go to the gym this week adn swam 10 laps. Galen and Ewan enjoyed the kid's zone (they played basket ball). I have also read a most intersting books on garbage. Mike says I've gotten into trashy books. And it made me think (i've got to be careful about what I read because I always think about it and how to apply to my life). At the conclusion, after folloowing all of her trash and recycling, she asks herslef, adn us this question:

"What would happen if we slowed our pace of buying, if we kept our furniture, appliances, adn cars for life, or even twice as long as we did now? Would the economy grind to a halt, throwing millions of workers ont he welfare rolls? Advocates of green design immagine a sunny future of high employment. it would take lots of people to refashion everything using only biological and technical nutrients. (according to the institute for Local Self-Reliance, sorting and processing recycables-of which everything of green deisgn would be made- employs ten times more people than landfilling or incineration, on a per ton basis)." Elizabeth Roythe, Garbage Land 2005.

Also she describes San Fransico's desire and goal to go to Zero waste by the year 2020. I am deffinetly thinking about heading towards that goal myself. I think I will start with getting washable nursing pads (already in iventory). Then I will think about reuse instead of repurchase. If I ever get the laundry in line I will think about using cloth diapers. Of course I never throw any cloth out. Papers, metal and some plastics are recycled. I have already begun composting kitchen scraps. As for waste water- that goal will wait upon a more rural location or more desperation. (oh by the way, Shea lso talked to the man in charge of London's waste water issues. He said that if he were desinging the system today, they would skip over sewers and jump right into composting). Humanue is great for composting, when it is not combined with urban run off or other things commonely flushed down toliets (like perscripton drugs).

Mike: has a new thing to model adn other than that is suffering from a sinus imnfection and allergies- the poor guy wan't up to much this morning- however he did enjoy holding the baby. :)

Galen: Galen earned his white leader belt (a white belt with a yellow stripe) on Friday. He did very well for one testing for the first time. Although he wasn't up to the orange belt kids (but that is 3-4 belts away). He has been semi challenging in the past week because there is not activites to keep him busy.

Galen meets his teacher and sees his classroom on wensday. We are all very much looking forward to school around here. He will be in first grade with specialist support.

Ewan: Ewan had decided that it is his job to tease and pick on people. Some day soon I will litterally sit on him next time he trys to pick on me.
Ewan also meets his teachers this week. He will be going to school 3 mornings/week (the mornings I plan to work out).

Ian: Ian gave me my scare for the month this week. I was reading a book while he was bathing in the other room (door open and visual contact available) when I stopped hearing happy noises out of him. So I got up to check on him. He was unmoving face down in the bathtub (by this time it was drained) adn I screamed "IAN!" which startled him awake and he started crying.
5 minutes later, after dressing him and putting him to bed, my arms were still shaking. Adenerlin must be strong stuff.

Clayton: Clayton has grown. He is now growing out of the 6 month size clothing. He smiles and talks to us, and just loves been walked around. And he sleeps. Last night he slept 8 hours. Ususally I get 6-7 hours outo f him before he's hungry but that has been extending. He slept most of yesterday, adn even slept at my nap time. it was amazing to nap for several hours with the babe next to me and not have him decided he's hungry. I am begaining to think he likes to hear us breathe at night as much as we like to hear him.

Overall we have had anoisy week, but I have found that quiet places are not commen to cities. If I step out side for some quiet that is when 20 motorcycles decided to ride by on thier noisy bikes. And then there are the nosy airplanes, the cars, cars, cars, cars. The resuarants that always have TV or radio or both on and ect . . .

I have long ago discovered that life is more managable if we let a few quiet moments in. I think that is what is worng with the American culture; Quiet is too hard to find, making acting out the only way to decompress from the nose of our lives.

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Quiet the mind and everything else will follow.