Monday, August 22, 2005

weekend update

busy, as always. Even if we do nothing around here it is busy.

This week my kids were at daycamp. They generally enjoy themselves there. And I was only called to pick Galen up early once.

Saturday I allowed myself to "model" for a friend in Mary Kay. I came out looking like a mary kay cassulity, adn spend 10 minutes washing all the makeup off my face- as I didn't look as bad as some of them there. The make up seems to get quite thick on the people who have been in mary kay for a number of years.

My hosuecleaner then called in with a sick child. So I told my family if we each completed the chores we are assigned then we can go watch "Sky High" but the work had to be done in time to catch the 5:10 matenee. Galen and Ewan had to clean thier bedroom, change thier bedding and have thier floors adn walls washed. Mike had to mow the lawn and I cleaned and mopped the kitchen.

We all enjoyed the movie, and Galen kept standing up pretending to fly. If mind power is as strong as I belive it to be that kid will literally fly away some day.

Yesterday we made it to church on time,a dn actually sat in the chaple.

Today I am dealing with work stuff that I allow myself to ignore all weekend.

Have a wonderful day!

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