Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I must be a fly

I'm stuck on the web.

And other amazing happenings of the day: I got a health club membership adn a personal trainer. Me! My personal trainer is a Rn who specializes in pre and post natal fitness. She has 3 children of her own. The health club has yoga classes at the exact time I was looking for them (while Ewan is in preschool) and has a swimming pool for laps and family swim and unlimited child care for $12.month (assumming you are there, that included up to 4 children). So I am somewhat excited. I decided that now was a good time to get into shape because I don't want to wake up in the hospital in 50 years wishing I had taken the time to take care of my body. And because if I live to be 96, I want to be active and busy.- That reminds me that for a 95 year old president Hinkley is doing amazing.

also tonight I read half of Charlie and the Chocolate factory to the kids (then we had to make some chocolate cookies). Galen was actually able to tell me about what I was reading.

Let's see I have 10 pounds of fresh organic peaches on my counter, and another box of fresh organic veggies. Ia m already munching the green beans down pretty fast, and am getting somewhat tired of tomatoes. This is a banner year for tomatoes.

Ian got a bug bite (we think spider) on his ear, and the poor ear has swellen up terriblly. He looks like dumbo or doopy on the one side.- I did get a pick of it so I will post it soon- Luickly it hasn't seen to have bugge dhim too much. I put some peperment oil on it this morning and gave him some benadril this afternoon. IT finally stopped swelling, and we all hoping it goes down overnight.

Meanwhile we shool out his blankets and looked around his room just to see if we could find the offending bug. But He might have even been bitten before bedtime and it just wasn't noticable until this morning.

So does anybody want a stab at creating a budget for my business? I'm willing to accept donation or ideas.
(budgets and sales projections are my job for the week- I still have a few kincks to work out).

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