Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Strange thoughts

Below is presented Several Mini Essays, collectivly entitled: "Strange thoughts while Grocery Shopping"

Grocery shopping with 2 kids is not usually presented as an easy task. And indeed it is a very dangerous task if the kids are old enough to ask for things, and it gets even more dangerous if they can argue thier point. Therefore I try my darndest not to grocery shop with my 4 and 6 year old, so today I ended up taking my 1 month and 2 year old. Biggest challenge was finding room in the cart to put the groceries. I thought for a while that Ian would end up on the conveyer belt to rung up with the groceries. The other challange was the baby. He caused delays every time somebody new passed the cart.

"Oh," they'd say as they stopped. "How old is he? It's a he, isn't it?" And then to make the delays even longer Clayton smiled at them with his tounge sticking out. To tell you the truth even though these delays created a much longer grocery trip, as the mother of the child being cooed at- I really didn't mind.

On the subject of bread: there are 2 extremes on one end is the light nurtionless fluff, and on the other end are the wheat bricks. I select mine somewhere between the two. It has to be 100% whole grain, and it should be able to be squeezed (however, queezing should not make a perment dent).

Today I must have been a bargain hunter, for when I saw the canned beans on clearance I bought them out. When I saw the organic cheeze on clearance, I bought enough for 2 months. And I bought them out of the clearance organic steaks. However, it did make me worry. For if these aren't selling what do other people eat?

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