Sunday, August 14, 2005

Too much weekend

My kids had too much weekend this weekend. They played hard outside with thier cousins for 2 and 1/2days almost non-stop. They had a fire and cooked marshmellows and ate smores, watched the stars. Then they also had a double birthday party, with more playing outside, a pinata with candy and a big trampoline and 2 birthday cakes!.

Needless to say they are so worn out and strung out (on candy and sweets) that we did not stay at church long. And now they are fussy, fussy, fussy. So bed time will be comming soon.

Suprisingly Clayton is also worn out. I don't think he has been held by that many different people in his whole accumative 5 weeks of life. He got home today, ate twice, and has been asleep on our bed ever since.

However, we did have a great place to stay and had some great family time, and just plainly had great fun. Maby next time we will spread the fun out alittle.

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Anonymous said...

Clayton is absolutely lovely and I already miss all of you. I look forward to when you are able to move up here and we can finally have the TIME to chat for more than a minute or two. Good luck with getting everyone to sleep.

Love and hugs from Pine River.