Thursday, October 14, 2010

ultrasounds or weird dreams

well that weird dream where I was told I had 6 legs kicking me was just a weird dream. I only have 2 legs kicking me.

This fact, established by ultrasound today clearly simplifies things. I have 1 very big baby boy kicking me. So when I felt I was wall to wall baby- I was right, but instead of it being 2 little squirts it is 1 big squirt. One big squirt who is almost twice the size of the 2 little squirts would be. It might be another Galen.

This means I only have to worry about 1 crib, and not have to worry about a car big enough for the whole family (yet). As the minivan we have will suffice until we try again for our girl.

And it also means that worrying about birth control is also no longer necessary- which we were really considering if we ended up with multiples. It makes the whole birth plan and concerns over preemie babies disappear.

Everything will be easier with just 1 at a time- although I did get rid of all my boy clothes- assuming Clay was our last. Oh well, at least I get to shop for something :)

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