Monday, October 04, 2010

well I am pretty sure I heard at least 2 baby heartbeats the other day- at the same time, but on different rhythms. And then in a dream I was told I had 6 legs kicking me.

Of course all this leaves me with questions the internet can not answer for me, no matter who much I research twins or triplets, I can not learn how it will go for me. Will my babies be born early or will they wait for 39 weeks? Will I be put on bed rest? I will need to find a nicu? and how to arrange the house and schedule to work with 2 or 3 babies at once?

I have dreamed of 2 of these babies. I have seen Arwen as a baby and as a young women. She has red hair. (Mike said he knew it). And then earlier of I dreamed of a boy with blond hair and long legs. I also saw him both as a boy and as a baby (in different dreams).

I haven't clearly dreamed of a third, that I can remember. I think it would be a girl though, but am not sure. Eowyn is what I would call her.

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