Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish lists

For those who have the desire to give us gifts this holiday (and birthday) season here is a wish list/guide to help you make your decisions. For those who feel obligated, but have no desire, please just send us a card with your family picture. We will treat your family photo as a gift and maybe even get it on the wall :)

set of 12 cloth napkins- blue would be nice color
set of glass storage containers for food
small vacuum with ability to vacuum all sorts of small crevices that brooms just can't do
a storage shed for bikes and trailers and stuff
cast iron 2 burner skillet- for eternal pancake making
a nice sheet cake pan (wore a hole in my last one)
a set of nice hot pads
long leg warmers- preferably wool, but cotton blend will work (they don't make long johns in maternity talls)
things inside my house done- like bathrooms, green house walls, and shelving and all sorts of small painting projects and little details
baby sitting certificates are always nice :)

new fancy computer screen- call for details, it has to work with his new graphic card
a gift card to LLBean (he found lots of good work clothes there that he likes)
a nice church sweater in XXLtall
king size allergy bedding set- already ordered
dress socks
nuts, and other semi healthy snack foods

I am trying to stay away from toys, as he is turning 12..... but he does love legos sets and bionicles and hero factory.
Size is adult large- pants are currenty at 36x30- shoes are size 12
Tan colored dress socks in full adult size.
Starwars books- jengofett stories
Star wars tie and white shirt
Items to inspire young priesthood holders
art set/ markers, paper ect
mp3 player charger cube
he will also be entering into boy scouts- so some good gear would be welcome

loves to build, create, draw
Size is 12
Slightly used jeans are his favorite. He keeps putting holes in the knees.
likes science experiments- tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.
art set (got markers and stuff...still need paper/easel)
needs a lock box to store personal items in
mp3 player charger cube

loves to ask questions about computers. Maybe a technical manual or two
a hand held game system for potty time
build your own robot set
simple hand tools
Size 8/10
basic experimental toys like marble runs or erector sets

very cuddly, likes to watch movies
needs active toys- things to climb on, through, or jump from
floor gym mat
story time with adults
any 1 on 1 time with caring adults
likes toys of all varieties
wears size 6- really likes to wear camo
playdough sets

she is ready for building blocks- please someone get her building blocks- so she'll leave my frozen sticks of butter alone :)
wears a size 4- likes tutus and very fancy pink dresses
likes hair barrets
she is ready for color books and washable crayons
enjoys playing playdough or with real dough

Baby Boy:
needs a crib- used (as long it is very sturdy) is fine, we have a mattress
also could use a portacrib with a changing table top for the downstairs- already got
some clothing. He will probably never fit into newborn size- and usually will wear at least double his age in size (ie at 6 months he will wear 12m) I am missing some basics like baby socks and onsies, and prefer organic when possible. Right now he still needs pjs in 12m, and clothes larger then 12m.

Those are my ideas for now :) hope it helps with your holiday planing

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Round Belly said...

more ideas for me:
Plants for home and green house- aloe vera, boston fern, ivy, dasiy...ect