Sunday, October 17, 2010

a crop of boys

My peer group is older then me. I went to college early, got married early, had kids early and now find that most of the people with children the ages of my older ones are close to 40. That doesn't scare me, except for the fact that they are all pretty sure they are done having children. They keep telling it would be best if I stopped by 35.

I have to admit, I can not argue with that advice. Even though I can handle a nursery of 6 toddlers single handedly week in and week out, that 36 is too many, even for me.

That being said, I am nowhere near 36, not even close to 10. 100 years ago 6 was just a beginning, and to get 5 of those to be strong, strapping boys would be seen as a bonus. 5 big, strong young men to help milk cows, plow fields and haul hay.

Maybe my DH and I have a destiny as farmers. And according to a fair amount of my favorite blogs that farming for ourselves and our local communities might be the best way to survive the coming future.

Besides a crop of boys, what else should I be planting on our 2 archer suburban plot?

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