Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another day, another blog

well. well. . . (three holes in the ground).

Another day, another blog.

You know what ot os like when Heaven and Hell seem to combine against you for doing something you really want to do? Well, I really wanted to go to Relief Society tonight. It was going to be this big party with another ward celebration RS's birthday (175 years?)

But on Sunday Mike just happened to sign up to go with the missionaries tonight, so after a long day of trying to get everything done by 5pm and all the kids packed up so Mike could drop us off at church. We found out that in the 3 minutes we were showering the kids got into my baking cupboard and brought the whole bag of flaked coconut up to thier bedroom and flung it all around. So we had to clean that up, then we had to find thier shoes (and everything else that happens when you try to leave the house intact, and then leave with 3 tired children).

So we got to church 10 minutes late- only 1 car was there. Then it hit me, (my hand against my forehead that is) Relief Society was next week. But because they kept changing the date on us, and I have a severe case of pregnancy brain I was so sure since Sunday that the party was this week. Luckily Mike understands pregnancy brain, and probably enjoys being more togther than me for a few months every couple years (or in this latest case for over a year now!)

So Sometimes I just gotta wonder if I should have given up eairlier? But if I gave up eaisly then I'd have no business being an entreprenuer or a mother. I just have a hard time believeing that life is made for those people who give up easily.- Maby I'm just a Minnesotan. :)

But what every it is a got a stick to it ness a mile wide. but then again so do my parents (and my children!)

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