Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A sense of Accomplishment!

We have a new toliet in place and working! This has only been an all month adventure, as we bought the toliet on Feb 5th. And our inital attempt to get the old toliet out failed as the bolts were rusted, But after the purchase of a hacksaw and some brute force from a determined hubby the old toliet came out and is now waiting in the garage to plant flowers in this spring. :)

Then after we instahled it we ran across 2 little problems. The shut of value was leaking! and I thought " we didn't touch that! How could it leak." And the little s hook thingy inside the toliet was missing. So one little phone call to Dad fixed those problems fast and effiencetly (first I tightened the nut on the shut off value and then used a plastic coated paper clip for the s clip).

And the toliet flushes beautifully and the kids are happy the toliet seat has dinos on it!

So i guess the Hubby is allowed to play games for an h our or so while I now take my afternoon nap :)

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