Sunday, March 06, 2005

Blogging Away

Yesterady was about 2 days worth. Fist our babysitter was 45 minutes late so Mike and I were late for starting the cannery session. After the cannery, we fed the kid slunch and lwt them play for abit while waiting for Ryan and Amber to check into thier hotel with a waterpark before we joined them.

Ian and Ewan wanted to go to the water park but had no desire to play once they got there. Galen and Ethan (Amber & Ryans 3 year old) were indepent twerps who ran off and had fun with no need of thier supervision parents. Galen enjoyed swimming around the 4' pool and Ethan loved the water slides, while Ewan clinged to me and Ian sat at the edge of the pool near mike and cryed (but nobody could hear anything because it was incredably loud in there.) THen we ordered pizza and let our kids make a fair amount of noise togther until it was time to depart and put our own twerpies to bed. The adventure wore Galen out. Yeah! Ewan and Ian didn't fall asleep in the car, but it didn't take them long to fall to sleep last night.

Today . . . started out with Ewan declairing that becasue he didn't want to, that he didn't have to go to church. Every time Ewan said this Galen always said "and school too." However, we kindly explained that they do have a choice in this matter. They can go and be happy, or they can go unhappily. It took a minute of Mike magic and all the kids wanted to wear white shirts and ties to church. Galen got to. He has a white shirt and Mike's starwars tie fits him almost well enough. So I guess that will be on our to purchase list. 2 White dress shirts and 2 tie ties for each of the boys. (having white dress shirts sure makes the question of what are they going to wear a lot eaiser, adn the kids never wear them longer then needed so they stay clean and go back in the closet after church).

Ewan gave the scripture and prayer in Primary (It was Galen's turn bu t he crawled under the table instead) If I was smart I would have practiced all week with Galen, but I completely forgot about it until I checked the calander this morning. Then Ewan refussed to let me leave primary with out him. So Mike has a wiggly squirt near him all through Priesthood. When ever Mike bring up how hard it is to have a wiggle squirt on his lap, I always ask himn if he'd rather have a wiggle squirt inside of him. (Squiggly for short).

Being a good mommy, I had fresh hot bread ready for sandwiches at lunch, then made cookies and called it dinner. If anybody questioned it, I reminded them that if they're hungry there are a lot of baked beans in the frigde. And I think I will go have a bowl of them soon and call it my dinner. Or should I do yoga and then have beans? I don't know maby I'll have a small bit now and more after yoga.

If we get back to the subject of the cookies . . . Ian and Galen and Ewan all had to help me. Ian helped by adding in an extra cup of flour so the cookies were a different texture then the ones Mike fell in love with a few weeks ago, but they still tasted good. Something about blackstrap molasses and whole wheat flour that were just made to go together (especially when you add in things like ginger, cinamon and cloves).

Well , I might almost be out of things to say (for now). It reached 63 degrees here today, so now our driveway is offically melted! One thing I do not mind about living here instead in Pequot is the fact that the snow does have a tendancy to melt so that it is not as neciarry to shovel it every time it snows. The first year we lived here we shoveled alot, but then I wan't pregnant by the time the snow flew then. And being pregnant just doesn't make shoveling as apealing as it is when you're not. Do you think I'll find mowing appealing this year? It is decent excerise, a lot of walking and our mower is quiet and nonpolluting (we have an electric plug in, but it only cuts a 13" path and when you have 1/2 acher or more to mow it get tiring).

Well, I am back to nothing to say, so I think I'll sign off this time. Have a wonderful week, adn enjoy all the wonderfull things allaround you. Or maby you should wonder at all the enjoyable things around you. Anyways

Good Day!

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