Friday, March 04, 2005


Well Galen's meating wasn't as fun as I immagined, instead of discussing what we were going to do with him, we discussed what assesments to give him before decideing what to do with him.

I did learn that he pays no more attention and eye contact to teacher then he does to mommy and daddy, however, as I have learned through my years as a Sunday school teacher eye contact and learning have little to do with eachother. And I always hated it as a kid when teachers tried to demand my eye contacts. Maby thier faces just aren't interesting enough, when there are other things to learn by looking around.

I did however try to explain to them that Galen is a Mac in a Micrsoft world. (he has a good opperating system and it is better than the ms for some things, just interfacing between the 2 is hard). Now if only we had adobe acrobat to easily share info between us.

Meanwhile squiggliy is trying to fill up all his womb. And I am still working on Mike to do useful things instead of spending 12 hours/day on computer games.

Ewan enjoys causing little bits of trouble for hands on interaction, and Ian comes in in the morning ans says "cock-a doodle do" in his sweet voice to wake us up.

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