Friday, March 25, 2005

Tonka trucks do not belong on white sateen sheets

with that said, and finding the pillow cases in the desk drawers. I think I am ready to sheet my bed organically , then take pictures for my site and line sheets. We now have a beautiful stock of organic cotton white sateen queen sheets! Selling for $135/set. I am going to sleep well tonight!

Also we have just introduced crib sets- beautiful matching organic bedding for the crib. Ok, so is there life outside my business? Not until after the trade show. That reminds me, does anybody know of some wonderful organic wool fabrics? I am in desperate need of some. I'd prefer natural silver but will settle with almost anything usuable. One would think sturdy grey fabric would not be that hard to find in organic, but then they probably haven't tried it.

Then in the middle of trying to get business done, just throw in a holiday weekend. Talk about an inconvient time to have everyone on vactation. There are things that need to get done, and I can't hire you to do it if you are not there to answer the phone! Oh well, that just gives me time to work on those line sheets.

Other than that I had a nice business lunch with my marketing/sheet sewer person. And had some great ice cream for desert! She enjoyed talking about how great it is to work for me becasue I don't look down on her or make her stop in her go-get-tive-ness. I just told her that almost all the people I have to work closely with are artisians and often know more then I do, so I encourage free thinking and creativness as a new approach to create the best items on market.

Well time to tuck the kiddos down so we can have a quiet night :)

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