Thursday, March 17, 2005

Long time no blog

But I have been on the busy side.

Tuesday night was a three ward relief society party, and I helped clean up and stayed out until nearlu 9:30.
Yesterday was a day full of appointments- like my midwife appointment. squiggly wouldn't stop moving so every time she found his heartbeat he's move. I told her I was slightly concernced that once this kid is born we may not be able to hold him due to the fact that he's so squiggly. And of course it looks like he's going to be on the larger side of newborns-he already measures 2 weeks ahead of scheduel. Of course that is nothing new to me.

Then I went grocery shopping and bearly came home in time to get the boys in the car and drive downtown to thier eye appointments. Ewan's eyes look great. Galen's eyes still want to cross when he focuses in things up close- this makes it hard for him to read or focus on school work. So Galen is getting bifocols to relax his eyes so they don't cross when he looks at things up close.

The best thing is the eye doctor agrees with me that the "focus issues" his teachers have with him in school are deffinetly physical and not attention related. Duh! can't the teachers see that he focused for 45 minutes on legos while we were talking? But then what should I expect from the education department? They still think the child has to look you in the eyes to hear what you're saying. I hated when teachers demanded eye contact for extended periods of time. They should know that if they want me to read thier face ( and all the mirads of emotions that pass through it) then I should look them in the eyes, if they want me to listen to them, then let my ears focus on them instead of my eyes.

Anyways, I look forward to getting Galen reading again. He was doing so well at Christmas, but then started not wanting to look at the words, now of course I have Doctor approved evidance as to why.

Ok- besides Doctors, and what knot I feel have turned into an advertising agency for a short term stint, while I get all the ads together for the various items we are doing this year. 2 in print, several on the net, then the hangtags and lables and T-shirts and business cards. We still have a lot to do and these and then I need to finish those line sheets. Sometimes I wish I was 2 people so I could accomplish more at once.

Well, That is all I know. Maby I'll think of something cute to write later. :)

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