Saturday, March 12, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

The first half of the week was slow, but the last half made up for it. Mom and Dad showed up about 2 am on Friday morning. Then they slept, had pancakes and Mom adn I went on alittle "fruit and veggie run" with a quick stop at the post office and a not so quick one at the mall. At the mall we enjoyed shopping at Cold Water Creek and then Wilson's Leather, where we found a really cool combination diaperbag and briefcase, and an absolutly awsome sale on some kid's leather winter coats. We had to get one in Galen's size (so it could be handed down to all 4 boys). Then we made it to the organic store and bought fruits, veggies and lunch. The lunch was so good we had it last night for dinner too (with the addition of a can of soup).

MOVIE time. Mom took us all to see Robots. During a small snowey icy storm that came through, but the kids looked liked they really enjoyed it, adn overall it was a pretty cute movie. Time was then up for my parents and they headed home. We headed home too and had d inner before I brought Galen and Ewan to the School Carnival where they each played 6 games and won candy each time. (They even won a twinkie once too!) Thanks school- couldn't you have had fruit or nuts as prizes?)

This morning was Stake Primary conference for the kiddlets. I ended up staying the whole time and helping in the kitchen to feed 140 kids lunch. But my kids came out happy and excited and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. And they actually had my kids attention for 1/2 hour during the opening talks. President Baker actually held Galen and Ewan's attention through most of his talk. (they fed the kids fried rice and fruit parfaits for lunch, the kids loved it and I was thrilled it was something I wouldn't mind letting my kids eat)

So throw in a little bit of sleep, a few quick meals, a good bath for the boys followed by an oiling and finger and toe nail clipping and you have our weekend so far. Now wea re going to watch an episode of Gilligan's Island then brush teethies and say prayers, and hopefully settle down for a quiet night and peaceful tomarrow.

May you all be blessed with a moment of peaceful silence tonight :)

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