Saturday, March 12, 2005

Funny but true

What happens when you get a bunch of women together after a class? We talk! We share and we laugh.

Talking about how to deal with husbands . . . "We need to buid them up and make them feel good. Ask them in a sweet baby voice to please change that light bulb that you're just not strong/tall enough to get. Then praise them for it and watch them grow 2". Tell them how mannly you find that 5 o'clock shadow on thier face, adn watch them grow 2". Pick a body part and complement them on it. "

I just had to add "And watch it grow 2"."

Then another wonderful friend of mine told about how her husband goes out to the garage to smoke, and one evening she called him on his cell phone. "Honey, I'm naked and in bed." That was the shortest ciggarette he's ever had!

Other cute things: listening to Galen's comments during the previews at the movie the other night. Those comments and excitment is what you take kids anywhere for. I thought the whole movie would be peppered with those insights, but at lass, he quieted down and watch mostly silently. )too bad, it would have been so fun). I wish I could remember the comments and the previews they went to, but I don't so you'll just have to try taking a local 5 or 6 year old out and see if you get any cute resposes from them.

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