Monday, February 28, 2005

Another week

Hello All,
In case you didn't realise, I also played sick most of yesterday, but enjoyed having my mother about for a few hours yesterday evening.

Today feels like a day that I night almost want to accomplish something, although I am not quite sure what yet. M aby I will call and annoy my manufactors to get the prototypes in time to shoot them and get them in the line sheets. Maby I'll annoy my Graphics person and get him working on some Round Belly labels.

I dreamed of a red haired baby last night with clear blue eyes. Although I am not sure who or what baby that is. Because I also dreamed Amy had twin boys. She better get well if she wants to manage twin boys :) (evil laugh)

Ewan decided to try his hand at being mean to other children this weekend. He ended up in his room and told to think about "being nice to other." It always seems to shock little children when they get punished for something they have never done before, But I just can't tollerate purposly being mean to others. Pushing and name calling is unacceptable. So he had a good little cry about it, then decided to come out and be nice.

Well, I don't know what else to say right now, but I'll talk more when I do.

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