Tuesday, July 12, 2005

12 days old

My baby is 12 days old today. He now weighs 9 lbs 8 oz. Which is a gain of 1 pound since Sunday the 3rd.

He likes to sleep on our bed and looks so peaceful doing so.
Because his blood draw happened after 4 yesterday, we do not yet have the results on his billirubian level- but he deffinetely looks better.

Ewan was doing his normal "I do not want to pose for the camera".

And Ian was getting into the playdough Galen made at school.

We have started a point award system at our house based on Harry Potter's House Cup.

Our house cup- every kid choose a house name:
we have Jedi House (Galen), Bobcat House (Ewan), Girraff House (Ian).
Then us parents award or take away points based on behavoirs and actions, in boomin voices like:
"5 points to Giraff house for throwing his diaper away."
"5 points to all houses in bed in 5 minutes."
"5 points from Jedi house for throwing a book."

The winner (the house with the most points) at the end of the week gets to choose a family activity and meal. (based on finacially abilities, and parental approval) So far the kids like family activites like going to the zoo, and buying ice cream at dairy queen.

Well, I've got to go checl on the baby :)

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Mommy Ambie said...

I really like your reward system. We use cousins and the campus and my mother's helper Marcia because Ethan loves his peoples so much- as bait to get him to do his chores. I am not nearly as organized as I'd like to be with household chores and am inspired by your plan. Thanks for sharing.

By the way- we enjoyed our visit with Ewan while he was up. Looking foward to seeing you in August!!!