Saturday, July 09, 2005

Family together

and home at last. All 4 boys are home and generally enjoying eachother. And beilve it or not, I cooked dinner, did the laundry and cleaned the whole kitchen (even scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees).- Our minivan looks full when I look back from the front. However it still feels like we are missing another few. . .

I got a call on behalf of my house cleaner today. Her car broke down in Wisconsion- and nobody seems to know when she'll be home. But after 2 weeks, I guess my need for clean took over- I'm not worried, even if she comes tomarrow there will still be no lack of things for her to do.

Ewan asked me today "Can we keep the baby?"
I told him yes.
"Can we keep him for a long time?"
"How about forever, is that long enough?"
Then he nodded his agreement.

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