Thursday, July 14, 2005


Everyone in this house was asleep between the hours of 12 and 5:45 this morning. Then Clayton woke up with an incredable hunger that has kept me busy all day. And it seems like I have to change his diaper every 1/2 hour too. That kid is just an eating machine. So of course it comes as no suprize that he is running out of room in the newborn sizes (length, of couse).

His billirubion on Monday was at 12, and we sent the machine back yesterday. Clayton has been looking better and better everyday. And I think he got off the machine just in time becasue now he wants to be where the action is. He cryed until he joined us for dinner and FHE the other night, just to sleep through it, but in the same room. He also spends a fair amount of time looking around.

Mike is back in school this week so we have had fun figuring out how to be everywhere we need to be with just one car. But tomarrow is Galen's last day of school, so that stops most of the hassel. And that also means that I could end up with 4 boys at Te Qwon Do tonight.

And I got nearly 80 meters of boiled wool ready to ship (and get out of my living room), and tomarrow I also start shipping catalogs.

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