Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Night

And Clayton is sleeping and cooing with each breath. He is the best and happipiest baby until I leave the house with out him. Then he screams for Mike, and refuzes to take the pacifier. Mike finally found out that some gental music soothes the savage newborn, and quieted him down to a peaceful curious looking around. He has been nothing but content since I've been home, even sleeping for me at nap time (that's my nap time).

Ewan and Ian are helping make brownies (every mother needs her wholegrain chocolate fix) , and Mike is on his computer.

Galen had his last day of school today. I didn't get a clear enough picture of him to post. But he enjoyed a few minutes with the camera, taking pictures of his star war toys from every angle. (even angles I wouldn't have thought of)

That is mostly the news of the day. Nothing overly excited excpet for spending a lot of time and money at the post office for mailing 300 items.

I have also figured out why people complain about comitee work. Mostly trying to get things done via comitee, and why it so rare for something great to come out of commitee. I think the key is for the commiee to have a head, with a little more power then the rest. Mostly the power to make the final decisions.

Now it is bed time for the kids!!!!

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