Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Ok, So I' have been tired and busy. But here is an update on us for those who read it.

Clayton is a little pumpkin- orange down to his thighs. So the doctors are monitering his billirubin level with daily blood draws. Today I spent an additional hour trasfering him to our local clinic so I wouldn't have to go downtown on a weekday for the work. His billirubion level is high enough that he needs to go back tomarrow for another check. The billirubion usually peaks at day 4, and today is day four.

Clayton, however, is happy when fed and just loves to be cuddiled. He knows when momma walks in the house and crys loudest then. He is eating and pooping very well and very often.

Our church friends have done an excellent job bringing in wonderful meals. It has helped a lot, as I have hardly had energy to do the baby and Galen things.

Ewan is having a fun time at Grandma's and Galen is enjoying a little more Mom Time, and has been a little clingy today. Ian is happy just hanging around.

Business is still going, and I am offically on maternity leave to all people who want my monies for any reason I did not request. (that means mostly sales calls). It is my understanding the catalogs are in the garage, I'll have to get them out and start mailing them this week. Of course that will take a trip to office depot to get the mailing labels that I can just print out.

Otherwise life is still mostly happening. So have a good one.

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