Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baby Daze

Woke up this morning in a baby daze. - sometimes not sleeping hard hard due to having a little one in bed with you can caze a haze like stuppor. But when I gave the baby to Mike so I could go and sleep hard Ewan woke up and kept pestering me about breakfast, which was pretty pointless because we are out of just about everything except for a few casseroles nobody can eat (made with ingreadents that makes Galen hyper, and Clayton barf)

Luickily I finally found a jar of peanut butter hiding in the wrong cupboard and used the peices of bread we have left make a sandwhich.- which of course after nursing all night it is necissary to have some form of nurishment.

Mike managed to miss his school bus for the second day in a row- he'd going to have to start setting the alarm on his wrist watch to remind him when to leave. BUt I was glad when he returned, becasue the kids were not having a good day. we already had a tantrum from Galen and the others were all fussing too. (and when I'm in a baby daze holding baby is about all I can accomplish)

So then I had a decent afternoon nap- and some good news when I woke up. SO now it is time to menu make and grocery shop.

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