Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend Update!

Wow, I'm back on line at last. After finally comming out of the baby daze, thanks to a chiro visit Wensday Night, I worked to get my house and business stuff almost caught up again. and Mom came, and took my Galen to weekends of great fun and cousins.

And we had a peticure party Friday night and I now have bright pink toes! (toe nails, to be percise) and then today we went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children didn't do too great, but I enjoyed the movie, and we fed the missionaries and sicked them on our new neighbors.

We had a nice thunderstorm this morning, and Amber will be pregant soon. (it's the ambition level, you feel you are ready to take on something new, you are thinking school, jobs, ect . . . the universe is thinking baby)

And I signed up my kids for DAY CAMP! so they won't be board and cuase all sorts of trouble, maby I'll get some business planning done. So Now I am ready for a nice quiet Saturday night and Sunday.

I have no deep thoughts or ambitions today (or at least not any that are comming to the surface for air) and so I will just sit back, relax and emjoy my new momhood a little longer.

May you enjoy it too!

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Anonymous said...

Rather than pregnant, I'm just manic. Sadly so. I'd much rather be pregnant. (:

Kisses and hugs to your boys!