Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pine River

There is a nice little town up north that is dreaming of becomming something better. (did you know that towns dream? Towns dream because serveral or more people in it are dreaming the same dream) The town is dreaming of becomming an Eco- Community. A place where people can come and learn and gather the tools they need to live in harmony with the earth.

I believe the dream also needs to include; international headquarters of an organic soft goods (clothes, towels, bedding) company, an organic store that has everything immaginable that is Earth Friendly, A car dealership that sells mostly hybrids and electrics, and the Big O resuarant (O for Organsmic). So if you are interested in working in blazing the flield in any of these areas- talk with the movers and shakers of Pine River. Or even check out thier website.

Also Pine River could use a fitness studio that time share between items like: yoga, ballet, martial arts.

Do you think that all of Pine River could become a JOBZ zone?

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