Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

With all my kids doing farm chores at 6am, adn a big breakfast at 7, followed by stockings and then picking the Christmas fruit from the ripened trees in our large greenhouse, adn bringing baskets of fresh organic fruit to some local friends and family.

We're thinking of the green house being able to support a few olive trees, banana trees, orange trees and the like with a summer garden veggies grown undernieth in the winter. Maby we'll even try for a nut tree or two. And we'll raise chickens, rabbits and of course take advabtage of nature's bounty and invest in a few extra berry bushes, maby a small apple orchard.

Why is this dream including Christmas? becasue I am so tired of 90-100 degree days!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like what my mom is doing right now! Other than the olive, banana and orange trees. Good luck with your planning! If we ever get land outside of city limits we're going to have a small herd of chickens, lamas, and maybe pygmee goats. And a horse or two. And and and.....