Thursday, July 07, 2005

So long organic bras

you have served me well for most of a year, and all of a pregnancy. However, you just are not up to the task of supportting size double z's filled with liquid lead. Of course if breast milk is liquid lead that explains why my babies are also so heavy.

Ian must have gained 5" in height and about 40 lbs in weight since the baby was born. He just looks and feels so big. There is deffinetely not much baby left in him. However, he seems to be the only kid we have that will actually pose for the camera.

Ri ght now the kids are upstairs watching Annie, and Clayton is snuggling (with out the light blanket) in Mike's arms. I'll have to hook him up again soon, but he deserves breaks occassionally for some good close snuggling and feeding time (also diapers, baths and the like too)

Meanwhile our house feels half empty with out our Ewan. But he seems to enjoying his time at Grandma's adn time shadowing Grandpa. It is probably good for the middle child to occassionally be the only kid.

Picture: Ian, Clayton and Momma

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